Here are some of the human faces behind the statistics:

U.S. pesticide usage has increased 1,125% since the 1960s. Downs Syndrome has grown 1% every year.

Christina Ebling and her brother A.J. were normal, attractive little children when in 1994 their family moved into an apartment in a nice-looking garden complex in Indiana. Soon both children began to be convulsed by seizures. Today they are both tragically retarded. Christina, now 16, slack-jawed and vacant-eyed, has the capacity of about a three year old. She is incontinent, her speech is barely intelligible. She cannot even brush her own teeth. A.J. has an IQ of 44.

The parents subsequently discovered that their apartment had been repeatedly sprayed with Dursban, a pesticide made by Dow Chemical Company, and another chemical of similar make-up. These chemicals are related (in diluted form) to the nerve gas Sarin which Japanese terrorists piped into Tokyo subways in 1995, and the poison gas that Iraq’s Sadam Hussein used to murder 5,000 Kurds. Residues show up in the urine of nearly every American child.