We regard companies that knowingly introduce toxic substances into the environment as perpetrators of a crime against our children. Here are some of the biggest and most powerful chemical companies whose record of deeds and misdeeds are on the public record.

from 1980s:
200 million pounds of industrial chemicals produced yearly in 1980s, to 27 trillion pounds today.

What happened to turn Christina and A.J. from normal to tragically retarded children? Their decline began after the family moved to a new apartment, which, their parents subsequently discovered, had been repeatedly sprayed with Dursban, a pesticide made by Dow Chemical Company, and another chemical of similar make-up. These chemicals are related (in diluted form) to the nerve gas Sarin, which Japanese terrorists piped into Tokyo subways in 1995, and the poison gas that Iraq’s Sadam Hussein used to murder 5,000 Kurds. Residues show up in the urine of nearly every American child.

In 1995, the EPA discovered that for ten years Dow had been hiding from federal regulators no fewer than 302 lawsuits and other claims for money damages alleging Dursban poisoning. The EPA's response was to fine Dow $876,000, a relatively insignificant amount to a company as large as Dow. Under threat of an EPA ban, Dow finally withdrew Dursban from home use in 2000, but it remains in use in agriculture and on golf courses.